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Regulatory compliance, client management, assessment service has been created to help your organisation to benchmark your entire 3rd party establishment. We understand compliance as an entire range of activities within your company and our mission is to provide you with an integrated solution for systematic and efficient management and control of these workflows.

Partner Screening

We assist you in detecting business connections with exposed persons. Furthermore, recording of decisions in respect of admission or rejection of business connections, respectively, as well as the monitoring thereof is ensured by our solution. Decisions concerning admission of connections are facilitated to the same extent as monitoring (new information about an exposed person in the reference data) and the annual confirmation regarding continuation of business relations.

Transaction Screening

During Transaction Screening the partners involved in a transaction are examined against a configurable set of rules, for purposes of blocking high-risk transactions from being executed, if necessary.

Transactiojn Monitoring

Incoming and outgoing cash flow are being monitored according to rules. These guidelines are supplemented by client information from the Client Profile. Transactions which do not contravene individually defined rule are considered to be plausible. Contraventions lead to an alert. Further clarification is required to make the background of the transaction plausible. The findings of this clarification lead to an extension of the customer information and require an update of the Client Profile, which may lead to an adjustment in the set of rules, if necessary.

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