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Finanziare Una Startup | Il Punto di Vista del Venture Capitalist

L'idea aziendale, le competenze dell'imprenditore , la sua "Track Record", la situazione dell'Intellectual Proprierties, la situazione del mercato di riferimento. Si, tutto molto bello, ma quanto reale ?! Diciamo abbastanza ma non troppo. Se proviamo a guardare attraverso la due diligence utilizzata da un investitore dovrebbe risultare, con maggiore probabilità, [...]

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New infection - is a new ransomware released by a malware developer. It is going by the alias of EvilTwin or Exotic Squad. It was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam team recently on October 14th. Basically this Ransomware will encrypt all files, including executables, in targeted folders on a victim's computer and [...]

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What SEO is Doing Wrong

SEO is an integral component is online marketing. Most businesses spend large money to get their websites' SEO correct, so that they gain more visibility for customers. In essence, search engine optimization has become a key integral component of all online marketing tactics, therefore there's really no need to 'do [...]

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Augmented Reality to Promote Online Shopping

In simple words, augmented reality is when you use computer generated sources such as graphics, sounds or video to mimic a real-world physical object. The technology has been successfully tested in many fields including medicine, manufacturing and engineering. This article intends to analyze how it can be applied to e-Commerce, [...]

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